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Your sales growth solutions partner

Landline: (02) 8.331.2724  Mobile: Globe – 0927.748.8199 | Smart – 0968.678.9679

Email: gkuanken@gcoretrainingconsultants.com

About Us

What we can do for you

Bring down Training Cost

Streamline Training Process

Activate Sales Teams

Increase Sales

Want to avoid high training cost?

We solve that problem for the business owner by absorbing all the “would-be” cost in training and developing salespeople and providing their learning needs for just a minimal monthly fee per sales person.

Need to focus on your business?

We help business owners focus 100% on what they do best, building and growing the business as we take care of training and developing their salespeople which is our #1 expertise.

Want more consistent sales?

We provide sales structure and sales performance predictability to your business using the latest and updated sales tools and techniques applicable for all industries to help ensure your sales people meet and even exceed their sales targets.

You want to grow your sales and your business?

We help by introducing sales principles, processes and techniques that breakdown each and every essential component for a consistent sales closing and sales performance growth and teach your sales people how to harness these skills for more consistent results.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We don’t just teach theory, we produce RESULTS ON THE SPOT.

You can expect results during and after every session with us. We conduct ROLE PLAYS yes and we also conduct ACTUAL SALES SCENARIOS.

Our Story

Our story began in 2007 with our first ever training on Customer Service conducted for a Nursing Review Center client with 60 attendees.

Today and more than 10,000 attendees after, we are embarking on more exciting and challenging learning projects starting with building Sales Training Centers all over the country to fulfill the sales training needs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Our GCORE Value

Our Vision

Become the world’s leading school for Sales Professionals for people seeking a career in sales, or to improve and master the skills of selling through experiential learning.

We are aiming to institutionalize the sales profession by establishing our presence globally one school at a time.

Our Mission

Encourage sales aspirants in making selling the most in-demand profession loved by everyone.

Help business owners grow their business by becoming their sales training partner improving their salespeople.

Assure stakeholders the longevity and profitability of the business through continuous innovation and expansion.

Our Valued Trained Clients

What our Valued Clients say about us

Our sales increased from Php 11 Million a month to Php 36 Million a month after attending your sales seminar! Thank you very much!

Tristan Luis

 TriShine Realty

Thank you for making our team building a huge success!

Claire Tumangday

Tumangday Group

Your programs did not just bring better results in my business but in my personal life as well. Thank you!

Gerry Bustamante,

BGA Realty